are you nonhuman

yes no i dont know

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no contacts i saw the lolcow forum lol

dont let humans bring you down youre so cool

TW for mentions of reality checking, none of this reality checks nonhumans though don't worry if ur nonhuman reading this just to read it you're cool!

well, nonhumans are what the name says; things/entities who arent human.
The reason for this can come from many things, (psychosis, DID or OSDD, austism, etc.)
they ARE not human!!! you should respect that AND them!!!
also remember it's not an identity thing, we quite literally ARE nonhuman!

Q: how does it work physically?
A: for most it doesnt!!! there are lots of reasons for this, for example they could be in a human body as punishment, whatever the case may be, dont invalidate them because of their physical appearance.

Q: so is it a roleplay?
A: NO!!! its an offensive thing to ask! nonhumans are 100% serious

Q: why are you nonhuman?
A: because of psychosis, DID or OSDD-1, autism, etc.

Q: whats reality checking?
A: telling them its not real, it is real!!!

Q: how is reality checking harmful?
A: imagine someone telling you youre not who you are, and how that could lead you to not know whats real and whats not. its an awful feeling that you can prevent puting people through!!!

Q: So are they just furries?
A: That joke was never funny.

Q: Is it a gender thing?
A: No, we're just nonhuman, just like humans are human, we're not!

Q: Do you have any resources?
A: Yes! click here for the (expanding) list!


articles highlighted in red mention abuse in them

What causes it and what does it mean
DID nonhuman alters
More about nonhuman alters

this is a wip, more will be added as i find them.


Hey! I'm assuming you clicked here because you either don't know what nonhuman means in this context or are trying to figure out if you're nonhuman, if you just dont know what it means click here. If you're trying to figure out whether you're nonhuman or not, I can try to help!

This section is a WIP

So, first thing, if you just feel like you're something other than human but you don't know what species you are, I can't be the one to tell you what you are, but remember you can be more than one species and you can just label yourself "nonhuman" or "unspecified" for the time being.

If you're just questioning whether you're human or nonhuman, I don't have tons of advice sorry. But don't feel discouraged from trying to figure it out. Remember to take youre time and not pressure yourself into any categories. Usually it'll figure itself out and you'll know at some point :D. Even if it takes a while you're still awesome and cool!


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